Anejo Restaurant


In the landmark 4th Street Rose building, an anchor of the neighborhood in the ‘80s, Anejo has elevated the Mexican experience to another level. Basing their entire brand around the classic sugar skull, this bold, new restaurant quickly noticed their brand relevancy was not creating a lasting impression with their guests. They needed a stronger brand presence. Subsequently, a new advertising campaign was created while still incorporating the sugar skull from the logo. We took the Anejo sugar skull and overlaid it on the faces of real people in photographs. The effect made their faces look like they had the design of a sugar skull underneath their skin. This concept originally stemmed from Anejo’s tag line: “Tequila, it flows through our veins,” and was a huge hit with patrons.

Anejo was able to launch the new campaign through traditional media with great success. Online traffic increased immediately as well as social media engagement. The feedback on the look was nothing short of inspiring. Anejo has continued to redevelop their campaign and bring the new “look” into all touch points of their business. We are proud to remain their agency of choice.

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