The Pig & Duke


The Pig & Duke is a small Calgary pub located on the Downtown Beltline. Despite its size, this pub has made a serious impression on the Canadian Bar scene, winning titles such as enRoute Magazine’s top 15 bars in Canada, and Food Network’s top 7 burgers in Canada. However, it was not always smooth sailing. Upon opening, the restaurant struggled to attract a wider demographic as the original Pig and Duke branding, tone, artwork and messaging did not appeal to a younger crowd. We were able to create a new brand, incorporating the original concepts, but updating them to a more relevant design.

Shortly after the rebrand, the Pig and Duke saw huge increases in sales and a wider range in audiences and bill totals. They attribute a large part of their growth to their new brand direction and continue to work closely with us to develop new brand and art directions for both their current and future establishments.

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