Vagabond Ownership group needed a brand before they raised their capital. They had their name and idea, but they needed graphic elements to help illustrate their concept. The theme chosen was inspired by World War II and the heroes that fought for us. They wanted to make sure that an attitude was portrayed through this brand and artwork, while remaining relevant to a wide demographic. Using inspiration from World War II, we proposed a brand that brought about a sense of revolution. Through this concept we were able to stay true to the general theme, while introducing a more “street” aspect. We used illustration, layers of colour and distress to encapsulate the brand messaging into one cohesive unit.

Initial response to the branding and artwork was very strong and complimented. Opening in the summer of 2013 they had a great response with stampede traffic, and in the winter months the hockey season brought a large response to their establishment. The venue continues to develop and we continue to work with Vagabond today.

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