21 Jan

Our Process

Our Business Model

1. On Boarding
Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business; we get that. But at Blackwater we don’t believe that the above model is a fair way to do business. Instead, our business model is built on long-term relationships and primarily functions on a retainer basis. This means we are able to front load the bulk of those key launch materials while spreading out your cash flow over a longer period of time. After you launch, we’re still right there.

2. Continued Support
We prefer to say yes, and we deliver. Need to redo the menu? No problem. Need more online materials? No problem. Need to tweak the art direction? No problem. Happy with current materials but would like to brainstorm some new ideas? We’re happy to help.

3. Partnership
At Blackwater we are not as concerned with your budget as we are with your needs. Our partnership-based relationship pushes us to bring you quality tools that help you meet your goals. Blackwater is an all-in-one, in-house marketing team. This means we’ve got all your designer, web development, strategist and media buyer skill sets under one roof, eliminating excess outsourcing, which can often rack up budgets and extend deadlines. Blackwater is a people business and as we’ve grown, we’ve continued to add skilled team members that fit not only our culture, but our clients as well. Now we’ve grown to the point where we have all the tools at your disposal… and we’re ready to hustle.

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